Civil Division

Instructions & costs (PDF)

Polices and Civil Paperwork Information

  • All paperwork must be filled out completely by the requesting party.
  • The Oxford County Sheriff's Office will not inspect paperwork for accuracy or offer legal advice. Any questions should be referred to the District Court or an Attorney.
  • Paperwork must be served 7-10 days prior to the court date.
  • Requesting parties must mail or deliver paperwork to be served
    no less than one to two weeks prior to the service deadline. Papers received too close to the deadline will be returned unserved.
  • Due to heavy call volume we ask you do not call daily or repeatedly to check the status of paperwork. Papers will be returned promptly upon the completion of service.
  • Be sure to include an accurate return mailing address with submitted paperwork.
  • If you have a fee waiver from the court, it must be included
    with your paperwork for service.

Civil Paper Service

Forcible Entry and Detainer
Writ of Possession
Notice to Quit

Paper Fee - $ 16
FICA - $1.22
Process Fee - $5
Postage - $ .47

Plus mileage at $.50 a mile from
26 Western Ave, South Paris ME 04281

Civil Order of Arrest

Paper Fee - $16
FICA - $ 1.91
Process Fee - $5
Postage - $ .47

Plus mileage at $.50 a mile from
26 Western Ave, South Paris ME 04281

Mail the Original and a copy to:
Oxford County Sheriff's Office
Attn: Civil Division
PO Box 179
South Paris ME 04281

26 Western Ave

Payable By:
Cashier's Check
Money Order
Credit Card: VISA, MasterCard or Discover
Or Pre-Pay online by clicking here

  • Credit Card payments can only be used for civil service paperwork fees
  • Be sure to bring your receipt or include it with your paperwork when mailing

    All fees must be paid before paper service is complete.

Crash Reports & Incident Reports

Report Fee - $15
Vehicle accident reports are available online 5-7 days after the reported incident.
Vehicle Crash Reports can be obtained at
Incident Reports are avail 5-7 days after the incident at the Oxford County Sheriff's Office at 26 Western Ave in South Paris.

Reports can be emailed or faxed once the fee is received. 
Personal information may be withheld due to privacy act laws

Please be aware that if an incident involves pending criminal charges,
only the District Attorney’s Office may release the report.

Civil Deputies

Dep. Joshua Aylward       Dep. William Nelson