Oxford Gov. LePage selects former Mexico chief as interim sheriff

by Bruce Farrin, Rumford Falls Times, Feb. 8, 2018

He said he could be sworn in as soon as Friday in South Paris.

Theriault was one of three candidates named by Oxford County Democrats for consideration for sheriff. The other nominees: Chief Deputy Hart Daley, currently the acting sheriff, and Lt. Mike Ward, currently serving on the Oxford Police Department.

The nominees had to come from the Democratic Party because Gallant won the sheriff’s seat as a Democrat.

Theriault said Gallant’s term ends Dec. 31. The new sheriff says he is preparing to run for a full term.

“I’ve already got my papers and I’m starting to get signatures,” Theriault said. “So yes, I am running. I figured if I run and win one term, which is four years, that’ll make me 74 years old, and that’s about enough.”

Asked about talk that he had already fired Acting Sheriff Hart Daley, Theriault said he has not fired anyone.

“Hart is resigning,” Theriault said, “but I did not fire him. I have the legal right to choose whoever I want as a chief deputy and I’m choosing somebody else other than Hart.”

Elaborating further, he said Daley is “eligible to retire anyway. His resigning date is effective on the 20th (of February).”

Theriault and his wife, Mary, went to Augusta on Monday to meet with LePage and the governor’s lead counsel. Theriault was notified of his appointment about 3 p.m. Tuesday.

He noted that his wife is “ecstatic” about his becoming sheriff.

“She was supportive and very happy,” he said, “And all my kids are.”

Theriault, elected in June 2017 to a three-year term on the Rumford Board of Selectmen, said he will decide over the next couple of months whether to resign.

“I’m going to have my hands full (at the Sheriff’s Office) in South Paris,” he said.